More than just websites

Totally Web Services

  • Custom databases
  • Team management systems
  • Email hosting
  • Productivity systems
  • Personalised domains
  • Websites for non-profits
  • Internet-based wizardry
  • Gamification for learning
  • Song and set list management
  • Custom interfaces
  • Task automation systems
  • Selling digital downloads

Let's talk about your project

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What's Involved

It depends on your project!
You'll often need to consider a domain name
  • such as or
  • A registered domain is like your public address, where people can find you
  • Registration costs around $15 - $25 per year for most common extensions (like or .net) and sometimes higher for specialist options (like .systems or .group)
  • Totally Web Services also make use of a globally redundant DNS network to keep your domain online all the time
Everything needs hosting
  • This is the magical part that happens 'in the cloud' (or more accurately, in a secure data centre located in Sydney, Australia) where your domain name points to an actual website or service
  • Totally Web Services hosts a variety of content: simple static web pages, dynamic data-driven and multi-user CMS websites, automated and action-driven management systems and interfaces, databases and custom productivity solutions
  • Web hosting accounts use the DirectAdmin control panel, PHP 8 and 7, MySQL, Secure FTP, scheduled script execution (crontab) and the variety of useful features you'd expect in a web host
  • See Pricing
You might want hosted email accounts
  • So you can receive emails sent to
  • We can simply redirect those emails to your existing personal email account, or we can set it up as a new email inbox so you can send from it as well
  • Inbox storage size from 500MB to 10GB
  • See Pricing
We probably need to make something
  • This could involve installing WordPress and handing you the keys, or creating some scripts to connect various systems together, or developing a custom system to meet your needs
  • Sometimes, here's one we prepared earlier… so be in contact

Totally Web Services can look after one, all, or any combination of these for you. Click any of the above to expand the details.


Some platforms developed and hosted by Totally Web Services.



A system for managing people, dates, availability and gig elements/items/songs.


An online multi-player 'Who Am I?' style game. A host slowly reads out clues, players continually adjust their guess of the best answer (and are able to see what others are answering).


Join a Team.

An Online System for Signing Up, Working With and Managing Teams.


Totally Web Services can help, whether you are in need of a basic static webpage, a CMS (Content Management System) site which you (or others) can ✍ update without touching any <code>, or something more complex and bespoke with ↻ dynamic content, ↯ automated processes, ↭ interfacing with other systems, ✉ notification email and SMS.

Contact with your ideas or requirements then let's discuss the possibilities and what it will take to bring it to life ❇


Flexible payment options, from 3 months up to 36 months in advance.

All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are subject to change in the future.


More information and help about any DirectAdmin functions can be found at For more assistance with anything else, please contact us for help.


You'll see that Totally Web Services is mostly just me, but rest assured that there is another contact who can step in to help keep things running if ever needed.